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Melbourne is one of those cities that boasts a year round appeal – and it’s not for the weather. There are super modern buildings,  tourist attractions and acres of gardens all connected by grand streets lined with tall trees. So let’s take a quick look at some of the most significant landmarks to visit in Melbourne.

1 Federation Square

Opened back in 2002 to celebrate a century of federation, Federation Square inspired a mixed response from the good people of Melbourne. Half loved the addition and the other half thought it was an unattractive mess. Nevertheless, it has become a part Melburian culture and presents a great location to begin exploring this town.

The outlandish modern design of Federation Square contrasts with the surrounding Victorian Style businesses and this in itself is a sight to see. Tourists always find something to do at Fed Square, over 2000 events are booked there annually so there is always something to see, taste or do. Inside is the Ian Potter Gallery which is a great place to observe Australian Art.

2 Royal Botanic Gardens

South of the Yarra River is an extensive expanse of Greenery that certainly deserves an evening stroll, not too far from the Central Business District, or CBD, are the Royal Botanical Gardens. First opened over 100 years ago, the Royal Botanical Gardens has been rated the best attraction of its kind in the world.

Covering a sprawling 40 Hectares this garden houses over 500,000 varieties of plants and many of them are rare and fascinating species.  Here is found the Aboriginal Heritage Walk which is a popular activity that can proffer deep insights into the lives of Australia%u2019s first human inhabitants. In the Summer be sure to stick around late into the evening when a moonlit cinema will materialize and live performances begin in designated areas of the park.

3 Eureka Tower

This 91-story edifice was built in part as a commemoration to a prospector rebellion that took place in 1854, an event remembered as the Eureka Stockade. This is reflected in the gold theme of the building, the Eureka Tower is topped with a golden crown and plated with gold windows and is an opulent sight to see glistening in the late afternoon sun. Although there are 91 stories, you and I will only be permitted to ride to the Skydeck on the 88th floor. Nevertheless, we will be standing on the highest public view anywhere in the southern hemisphere and that puts a twinkle in the eye.  For those with no fear of heights, the Edge is a glass box that slides out of the building and allows visitors a look down at the streets from between their toes.

4 Southbank and Arts Centre Melbourne

Located nearby Flinders Street Station, another important landmark in Melbourne, you can find a culturally rich attraction on the banks of the Yarra River. The Southbank Promenade offers visitors plenty of outdoor and indoor eateries and live entertainment. Every Saturday a Arts and Crafts market is set up that has been attracting the collectors and the curious for over 20 years, there are many festivals and celebrations held here annually and one never knows what to expect from this exciting Melbourne landmark.

Melbourne is a fantastic place to visit and an even better place to live! If you’re looking for a Melbourne interstate removals company make sure you get a quote from us!

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