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While Melbourne is quite the city for tourists due to it history, it’s 316 restaurants pale in comparison to what you might find dotting the streets of other major cities around the world. That’s actually a good thing, and there are some mighty fine restaurants to be found in this city where visitors and residents alike can experience the ocean and the mountains all in one place. Melbourne is a spectacular city, and these eight restaurants deserve your attention.

Everyone expects something different and unique, so the challenge is identifying and locating those top restaurants with great reviews. In Melbourne, one of the places to stop by is Mustard’s Last Stand. This restaurant serves up hot dogs just about anyway you could imagine eating them. Not only is it a cool vacation pit stop, but it’s budget friendly and certain to be a hit with the kiddos. Along with their garlic fries and poppy seed buns, Mustard’s Last Stand might just be your favorite hot dog restaurant ever.

For those families out there and for anyone who appreciates a good burger, I’m going to give you one of the best burger places next. Burger Inn is its simple name, and this place serves up its diner style food outside. If you were to look at the pictures and imagine yourself with a burger, fries and shake, you would know that this is a great stop.

Third on this list of eight restaurants is Smoky Bones. This popular favorite serves up delicious pulled pork, steak salad, smoked wings and more. Yes, it’s your spot for some tasty barbecue, Melbourne style. You can even get prime rib here, which is always nice to treat yourself with if on vacation. Is it time for some outback ribs?

For the 4th restaurant, you get a breakfast place. All you have to do is look for the ‘Oh Biscuit‘ sign. This is where you get your breakfast, but don’t think that there aren’t some unique twists for you vacation goers. Imagine cinnamon roll french toast or grilled tomatoes. They serve up great breakfast sandwiches, too, and of course their claim to fame is their fluffy biscuits that everyone likes.

This next restaurant is a place for either breakfast or lunch. It’s the perfect spot if you’re not sure exactly what you want. You might not make it there for breakfast, but you can certainly enjoy a nice brunch at Friendly Toast Cafe 2, which serves up a delicious menu, including steak tips, meatloaf, home fries and all those family-owned restaurant favourites.

That was five restaurants, so I owe you three more. The name of the next one is enough to get you to eat there. It’s called Squid Lips Overwater Grill, and then there is Chart House Restaurant and The Mansion. You might not have time for visiting eight restaurants while you’re vacationing in Melbourne, but you can certainly visit some of them.

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