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Why Use a Relocation Agent?

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Article contributed by Relocation Consultant Nicola Buck at Habitat Relocations. Moving interstate can be an extremely stressful time. Finding a trustworthy company to move your belongings is only one of many concerns to be addressed when relocating. The most important aspect of any move is undoubtedly choosing where the best place is to live, to […]

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Why Choose Brisk?


There are countless reasons why you should choose Brisk Transport when searching for a removalist company. Here are the four key factors that set us apart: Don’t get stung by hidden costs that pile up after the job is completed. At Brisk, we believe in a transparent model that looks after our customers. What we quote […]

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What To Do Weeks to Days Before Moving Interstate

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Weeks Before The Move Tell your bank you’ve moved so all your banking mail will be sent to your new address. If you haven’t yet done so, you can do online banking so you won’t need to have a lot of paper mail sent to you. If you take medications, don’t forget to refill your […]

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Twenty Things To Do A Few Months Before Relocating To A Different State

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1. Choose the date of relocation. Talk with your lawyers and realtors and make sure plans are finalized and transfer of ownership is set. 2. Arrange for moving vans or trucks. Call friends ahead if you need to borrow their vehicles for the move. If you need more help moving, choose a trusted moving company like […]

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