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Get Rid of The Unpacking Blues

After the excitement of moving comes the shock of unpacking. When it comes to moving into a new place, we usually have grand plans of starting over a new leaf being organized and all but then after looking at mounds of boxes and furniture taken apart and the dust and grime that needs be cleaned in the new place, we can start to despair over the overwhelming amount of work that needs to be done moving in. Fortunately, we’re not left in the lurch. Brisk Transport removalist company offers some advice and motivation to get us going on the road to completely finish moving in to our new places.

1. Unpack the cleaning supplies first. We usually have our own standards of cleanliness and nobody can live up to those standards except, of course, ourselves. It’s best to clean the new place first before unpacking so that you won’t have that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that the place still feels dirty. This is a good opportunity to clean areas where furniture and appliances like the fridge and stove will be which will be hard to clean later when those appliances are already placed there.

2. If you don’t have a lot of help unpacking, it will likely take a few days to be completely unpacked so don’t despair. Be patient with yourself. That’s just one of the downsides to moving that we all have to live with. Prioritize which rooms will be used first and more often and unpack things for those rooms first. For example, you’ll likely start using the bathrooms, kitchen, and bedrooms first so unpack boxes that carry items for those rooms before everything else.

3. Make sure you know where the big trash and recycle bins are in your neighbourhood. If you’re not going to use the packing boxes again, flatten them out and put them in a pile until big enough to make a trip to the recycle bin worth it. Have the trash bins in your new home ready to be used as well.

4. Make sure all the labeled boxes and other possessions are put in their correct designated areas or rooms so that you won’t have to keep moving boxes and things around in your new place.

5. Put together furniture like beds, chairs, and sofas if they have been taken apart. You’ll need something to sit on for those breaks in between unpacking. You’ll also need a good night’s sleep after long days of unpacking so having the bed ready is a must.

6. You probably won’t have a lot of time to cook when unpacking for the first few days so don’t be afraid to go out to eat. This also gives you a chance to check out the neighbourhood food scene. If you’d rather stay in, have food delivered to your home.

7. If you have children of age, have them unpack boxes for their own rooms. If you have really small children, have someone babysit them while you unpack or have them within your sight while you unpack. You can even give them some empty boxes to play with.

8. Put on some good music to get you energized. A great playlist can do wonders for your mood. Before you know it, you’re finished unpacking.

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