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Misconceptions About Moving Companies

Here at Brisk Transport, we have been helping families move for over 30 years.  During our time in the industry, we have heard a lot of misconceptions about moving companies that are far from the truthMoving companies exist to provide a professional service to you, to assist with your relocation and ultimately reduce the stress of moving by applying their expertise.  
We debunk the most common misconceptions all while giving you valuable tips on how to choose the right moving company and set your move up for success.  

This is one of the worst misconceptions that can really get you into a pickle. People often think that if a moving company provides workers and a truck, they are professionals… think again! 

We have heard plenty of horror stories in the industry, including movers not showing up on the day of the move or even people having their items taken hostage until they are forced to pay double the quoted price. Not the stress you need when moving!  

Plus, if you want your items and household to be taken care of, experienced professionals are essential. Experienced movers will know how to pack a truck, move your items, and unload your items efficiently and while mitigating risks and avoiding damage to your residence and possessions. 

When you are searching for a moving company, it is important to check if they are a trustworthy and reliable company. To find this out you can read their reviews on Product Review or speak to the sales staff over the phone and gauge whether they are helpful. We recommend that you also ask questions about their business and what their services include.  

A few questions to ask: 

  • Is your company AFRA approved? (Australian Furniture Removal Association) 
  • Does your company have over 100 padded blankets, straps and relevant trolleys to use on every vehicle? 
  • Does your company hire only experienced, professional removalists with at least 2 years of industry experience? 
  • Does your company have a dedicated operations team to keep you updated every step of the way? Or are the guys on the trucks coordinating their day whilst on the job? 
  • Does your company own their own trucks or are they just renting them from a truck rental company? 

It is a common misconception that moving yourself is cheaper than hiring movers.  

But there are still a lot of costs to consider when moving and trust us, they all add up! A few costs to consider are fuel, truck hire, moving equipment hire, packing equipment, time off work and babysitting or pet minding fees. Not to mention the risk of damage to your property and possessions since you are not experienced OR the physical energy you are exerting.  

Hiring movers can actually be more economical, especially when moving interstate.  

Read our blog Moving Yourself Versus Hiring Movers to find out what is the best option for you.  

Even if you are hiring movers, there is still a lot to do before move day. Packing is a long and tedious process that is best started weeks before your move day. To ensure you get the best bang for your buck, it is recommended that you have all boxes packed and ready for the movers. Since most moving companies charge by the hour, it is in your best interest to set the day up for success!  
However, some professional movers offer pre-packing services which completely takes the stress out of moving. If you are looking to avoid the hard work of moving as much as possible, perhaps you have very limited time, then adding prepacking services to your booking is a great idea for you.  
Download our free moving checklist from our blog to find out all the things you should check off your list before the move date.  

Professional movers can’t move everything. Be sure to check with your moving company about any obscure, large or heavy items. For example, large items like pianos will require additional moving equipment and if the transport of pianos is offered by the moving company, it will generally incur extra fees.  

A professional moving company will ask you about these items and inform you of any extra fees.  

Wrong! Every company quotes differently, and it is easy to be caught out by hidden costs and fees. Here are some questions to ask when receiving a quote:  

  • Are there any extra charges with your rate? (Heavy lift fees, Staircase fees, Per kilometre fee, bad access charges, petrol levy, toll levy etc) 
  • Does the price include GST, or is it added at the end? 
  • Will I be charged per hour, per ½ hour or per 15 minutes? 
  • What size is the truck you are sending? (Some cheaper rates come with a very small truck which requires multiple trips. This will be a nightmare, especially with dual settlement jobs.) 
  • Does your price cover you for 2 or 3 removalists? 

A professional, trustworthy, and reliable company will always be upfront and transparent about all costs as they are there to help you and provide a professional service.  

Generally moving companies have transit insurance which covers your items in the event there is an accident on the road, while in transit that causes total loss to your furniture.   

Purchasing accidental damage insurance that covers for damage whilst the furniture is being handled by the removalists themselves, is the responsibility of the customer.  

Some companies will tell you that you are ‘insured’ but they neglect to tell you that they won’t cover you for any accidental damages. The professional and reliable moving companies will recommend that you purchase this and inform clients that they are not covered for damages. 

The BEST companies will even help by putting you in touch with a reputable insurer for the transport industry if you ask.  

Without the help of professional movers, this myth is true. However, professional movers are extremely organised and have the moving process down to a fine art! They have the experience, skills, and equipment to make moving a seamless process.

With professional movers onboard, moving can be an organised, stress-free process! Having the help of professional movers will allow you to relax and enjoy your new life chapter.  

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    Wawo! What a nice blog. Your points are very helpful and informative. Next time, I will keep these tips before hiring the mover. Hire a desirable and best packer and mover and High reputation removalist is a really tough task. Thanks for sharing this. Keep it up guys

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