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Pets On The Move

Like most of us, pets love a good routine and a comfortable stable home. What if their world is about to be turned upside down by moving? How can we prepare them? Professional movers Brisk Transport provides the answers.

The World Mover

If you’re going to be moving to a different country, do some research on pet immigration as soon as you know you’ll be moving and taking your pet with you. Look at the regulations for pet transport in your home country and also in your destination country. Some countries like Canada have minimum requirements for pets entering their country. However, if you’re moving to a country like Australia, expect a lot of paperwork to be done and your pet even has to go into quarantine in a different country for a while before being allowed into Australia. They will need different injections if required by the destination country. Get these done as soon as you can so your pet won’t be distressed by getting injections, inspections, and other medical procedures altogether right before big move. Check what airlines allow pets on board and what requirements must be met before the pets can travel on the plane. If you’re driving across country borders which is actually better than flying for pets, have the necessary documents and pet carrier ready for inspection by border security.

If you have to change veterinarians, find a vet that’s close to your new home and that you and your pet are comfortable with. If you are able, take your pet’s health records and history charts with you. If not, you’ll know what procedures or medicine your pet has been on which you can document yourself and you can let your new vet know about your pet’s medical history. Before you move to a different state, it’s best to go to your vet one last time for a current health checkup for your pet. Get documents from your vet that is required for state moves. Check with your new state website to see what documents are needed, if any, for pets crossing state lines. If vaccines or medicine are needed, make sure you get those and you have enough medicine for your pet to last during the move.

The Local Mover

Local moves are easier on pets but their strange new surroundings might distress them. Do your best to stick to their regular routines which helps them adjust to their new surroundings. Go for walks or runs with them at the same time as you normally do. Don’t forget to feed them at the same time as normal through the frenzy of the move. If you have a special pet carrier for the move. Don’t just spring it on them the day of the move, buy it in advance so that they can adjust to being around it and inside it. It will help keep them calm during the move to be inside a carrier that they’re used to. Make sure to have their favourite and familiar things inside as well which can occupy and calm them during the move.

Final Destination

Once you have reached your new home, continue with their usual routine. Use the same objects like food bowls and toys they had before in your new home. Place them in areas similar to where you had them in your old home. Don’t forget to give them treats for doing so well during the move.

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