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Twenty Things To Do A Few Months Before Relocating To A Different State

1. Choose the date of relocation. Talk with your lawyers and realtors and make sure plans are finalized and transfer of ownership is set.

2. Arrange for moving vans or trucks. Call friends ahead if you need to borrow their vehicles for the move. If you need more help moving, choose a trusted moving company like Brisk Transport.

3. Get free quotes from moving companies and compare quality and prices to see how much you need to budget for the move.

4. Pick through your possessions and mark down what you want moved. Take pictures of the condition your goods are in before and after the move and compare them after relocation to ensure there are no additional scratches or damage to your stuff. If you go with Brisk Transport for the move, your possessions will be protected by heavy moving blankets and their transport vehicles have extra padded walls for even more protection to ensure the safety of your goods.

5. Identify any fragile items so that they will be handled with even more extra care.

6. Make sure your material possessions are insured for the move.

7. Examine the square footage and area space of your new home or office. Measure your furniture big or small and measure big appliances like your stove, oven, and refrigerator. Make sure there is enough room in your new home or office for your furniture and appliances. It is also advised to measure doorways to make sure large items will fit through the entranceways. Otherwise, you will have to sell old furniture or appliances that don’t fit and get new ones that will be easy to move out of your old location and into the new one.

8. Prepare appliances beforehand for transport. There might be protocols to follow according to the manufacturer when moving large appliances like the fridge, washer, and dryer that prevents electrical or mechanical damage to the machines. Please look at the instruction manuals for more direction.

9. Make sure the new home or office location is insured as well.

10. Contact your new local council and transfer new location address on appropriate documents to your new home state. Passports, driver’s licenses, and vehicle registration addresses should also be changed.

11. If you have subscribed to receive magazine subscriptions, inform them of your address change or go digital. Reading magazines online saves paper and avoids cluttering your new home.

12. If you have children, contact their new school and make sure their appropriate school documents are sent to their new school.

13. Moveable safes and important documents should be sorted and filed and put in one place ready to move.

14. Do a massive first clean to get rid of clutter and unwanted items. Please check our other article on this site for tips on decluttering.

15. Eat what you have stored away in the freezer or refrigerator. That way nothing is wasted and thrown out unnecessarily before moving. Anything freezer burned should be thrown out.
This is also a good time to clean out your pantry. Expired items must go. Don’t buy anymore pantry stuff until you move to your new house or unless you’re using those items right away in a meal.

16. Don’t forget to sort the garage ahead of time. You may think you’ll have time but with the stuff you have to do, it’s good to have an early start to cleaning and sorting.

17. Make sure all chemical items are disposed of properly. If you have borrowed tools from your friends, return them. Sell unused items or recycle them.

18. If your new location needs renovations, it is wise to have them all done before relocation if possible.

19. Find a new family physician or dentist in your new area. If your records are transferable from your old family physician, then have your physician send the records to your new doctor.

20. Make sure power, water, and garbage collection have been set up at your new location. And let your old utility provider know that you’re moving so they can turn off your utilities at your old location.

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