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Should it Stay or Should it go?

Too many possessions  and not enough space? Whether you’re moving, downsizing, or just want to keep things tidy in your home, our team at Brisk Transport offer some helpful hints to keeping your life uncluttered.

The following reveals common clutter that we all have difficulty controlling and how to deal with it:

Too many clothes in your closet or dressers are bulging: Make it a habit to throw out or give to charity old gently used clothing when you buy new ones. Of course, it’s a good idea to keep a few old clothes for doing messy work like painting, but you don’t need to keep all your old clothing. Throw out ones with holes or with terrible stains on them. No one wants those. If socks don’t have a matching pair, throw them out.

Receipts: For important purchase receipts like for a refrigerator, get a blank piece of paper or better yet scrap paper and staple the receipts onto the piece of paper. Put it in a labeled file folder and keep adding those important receipts to that piece of paper. When the face of the paper is covered, get a new sheet of paper to staple more receipts on. Shred receipts from trivial purchases. You don’t want identity thieves to get a hold of your private personal information through those receipts.

Cards and special notes: Buy a cork board from the dollar store and arrange then tack recent cards and notes on them. If they’re years old, throw them out. If certain ones hold strong sentimental value for you, scan them and save them to a memory card.

Pictures: If you have boxes of random pictures or too many albums, take pictures of the pictures or scan them and save them on a memory card or USB stick. Then discard the originals. Save only the few special ones you can put on display in frames. You can display the digital copies in special electronic frames or on your screensaver on your PC.

Plastic shopping  bags: Reuse them as garbage bags for the kitchen or bathroom instead of buying special garbage bags for your trash cans. Instead of bunching them up in a container, tie the bags in a knot (not too tight) before storing them for later use. This creates more space for them in their storage container. Buy cloth bags or plastic bins specifically for grocery shopping so you can reduce the amount of plastic bags you take home.

Books: Donate your books to the library. Get a library card and you don’t have to store your books at home anymore. You can borrow them any time you want from your local library.

CDs and DVDs: Go digital. You can buy almost everything online for music and movies and you can save them all on your electronic devices. If you like the hard copies, take them out of their cases and store them in a DVD or CD book to create more space on your shelves.

Following these guidelines for de-cluttering has been proven to reduce housework almost by half. Think of the many ways you can spend that extra time!

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