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The Complete Guide To Hiring Local Movers

Have you ever tried moving or relocating? If you haven’t then you do not have any idea how time-consuming this can be and not to mention stressful. Think about all the things you need to carefully pack inside cardboard boxes. And no, it doesn’t end there. You also need to label them to make sure you know which boxes contain fragile and delicate items that need to be handled with extra care.

Another problem you will encounter during a move is disassembling and assembling heavy furniture and other appliances to make it easier to transport through narrow doorways and staircases. These are just some of the many things you need to consider during a move. So if you are thinking about doing a DIY approach, think again. You might just regret that decision.

If you are considering the option of hiring local movers in Brisbane, we will give you a complete guideline to hiring local movers so you would know what to do on your next move.

  1. Consider Getting Recommendations
What Are Some Tips To Hiring Local Movers?
Brisk Transport Removalists Brisbane

The only surefire way to know if a local mover is what they say they are is by asking for recommendations from real people who have had experience with local movers. You see, in Brisbane alone, a quick Google search for the best local mover within the city will only frustrate you. Why? Because every local moving company will claim to be the best and besides, we all know that you shouldn’t rely solely on search engine sites because chances are, the reason why they landed on that number one spot to begin with is because of their powerful SEO strategy.

Simply put, if you want to get real answers, consider getting recommendations from people you trust. Perhaps you have an aunt who relocated last year or a cousin who paid for a local mover when she transferred to Brisbane.

These are the people who have had first-hand experience with local movers. Get information from them about their overall experience by asking the following questions: Were the movers professional? Were they prompt? Were they trustworthy? Did you get your money’s worth?  As soon as you get these answers, you’ve already found yourself a trustworthy local mover.

  1. Screen Them

Just because someone recommended a particular company doesn’t mean it’s the best. You still need to screen them. The reason why you need to go through all this is because of a simple fact, moving requires you to shell out money. So if you want to get your money’s worth, you need to prepare yourself.

Screening means finding all possible local moving companies you can find or those that have been recommended to you and researching about them both online and offline. You can start by visiting forums or by reading feedback and reviews. If these companies have managed to create Facebook pages, there is a section there designated for client reviews.

You’ll see that their services are rated from one star to five stars. There is also a section where each customer describes their experience with the company. From there, you can get an overview of the company and if they really are what they say they are.

  1. Contact At Least 3-4 Moving Companies For An Estimate

While you can get a free quote via a phone call, it would still be best to have them visit your home to get a more accurate estimate. Most of the time, if it’s just a phone call, you’ll pay much more than what is expected. Estimates will depend on the weight of the items to be moved as well as the distance to your new location. Getting at least three to four is ideal so you can compare their prices.

At Local Removalists Brisbane, we have encountered hundreds of clients who told us the harrowing stories they’ve experienced when they tried to move themselves, which was why they sought our services.

If you’re a worrier, a busy person or someone who doesn’t like stress and inconvenience, a full-service move is the best option you have. If you don’t have the time to pack up your stuff and transport it on your own you definitely need to rely on professional movers to do that for you. Make a decision to do your research and screen the companies you want to work with.

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