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Your New Home – What To Do Right After Relocation

– Let your family know you and your children or pets and your stuff have arrived safely.

– Make sure all documents are in order for ownership or rental agreement of your new house or apartment and you’ve got the proper keys for all the locks.

– If you’re renting your new home, take before pictures of the condition the apartment or house is in. If it is still in good condition after the lease, you can get your damage deposit back.

– Say goodbye to your professional movers (hopefully you went with Brisk Transport for a stress-free move). Make sure all your material possessions are checked off your moving list and that nothing has been forgotten. Have a look to make sure the movers have all your boxes, furniture, and luggage in the right rooms. If you’re moving yourself or have the help of friends or family, move all furniture and other material possessions in their proper rooms. That will save you time from going room to room in unpacking frenzy. If you have boxes or things that you don’t yet know where to put, put them in a designated ‘To Be Determined’ area to tackle later.

– Check to make sure water, gas, and electricity are in working order.

– Set the beds up if not already made and put the sheets and blankets on them. Unpack your moving day essentials like toiletries in the bathroom and urgent clothing and towels for quick showers.

– Settle the children. If they are old enough, have the children unpack their clothes and toiletries themselves. Don’t let them forget to eat or keep hydrated.

– Take pets out into the fenced yard or keep them on a leash to get used to their new surroundings. If you have a cat, have its litter box, food, and water prepared on a plastic mat on the floor. The same goes if you have dogs. Treats will make their transition easier.

– Unpack cleaning supplies like brooms, vacuum, mops, and soaps.

– Clean areas that haven’t been cleaned or dusted or places where furniture will go.

– Unpack kitchen stuff. That way you can cook and eat right away. Get all your garbage cans bagged and ready.

– Set up chairs and sofas to sit on for resting in between unpacking.

– After all that, grab yourself a nice cold drink and a snack and take a deserving break.

– Set up the Internet so you’re connected.

– Go for a walk or a bike ride around your new place to clear your mind and familiarize yourself with your new neighbourhood.

– If you live in a city or in a neighbourhood with a lot of restaurants, this is one of those times you can go for takeout.

Make sure you get plenty of rest to recuperate from your move. Don’t lift anything too heavy. If movers are gone and you want to lift or move something heavy, get the help of family or friends or new neighbours. It is better left alone until you get help than breaking your back. There will be plenty time to unpack everything else later. Enjoy your new home!

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