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Moving Out Cleaning Checklist

Do you want your damage deposit back? Make sure you leave your rental in good repair and in the cleanest condition possible. Brisk Transport provides a checklist of the things you need to do so that you can leave your rental looking amazing and your landlord wishing you were still renting there. Sometimes it’s just easier to hire a professional bond cleaning company. But if you want to do it yourself here’s a list!

1. Before you start dusting and cleaning, repair any damage done to walls or furniture (if the place was furnished). Go to the hardware store and purchase the proper fillers to cover holes left in the walls from nails or tacks. Once dry, sand down the area refilled and repaint if needed to match the rest of the walls.

2. Dust from ceiling to floor. Remove any cobwebs and remove dust and residue from fans or lights on the ceilings. Don’t forget to dust and wipe with a damp cloth the window frames, window sills, door frames, and the baseboards. Using old dryer sheets are great to help remove dust from the baseboards.

3. Empty cabinets and cupboards and wipe them down. If there are greasy spots, use soapy water to cut through the grease.

4. The places where there are the most hand marks and greasy prints are the plastic light switches and around door knobs. Gently wipe those areas with a damp cloth (not too damp or you’ll get the electrical parts of the switches wet and shock yourself).

5. If there are several marks on the walls that are hard to remove, it might be best to repaint after dry dusting the walls. Just check with the landlord to make sure it’s okay to repaint the walls yourself first. They might want to have that responsibility. If you’re given the go ahead to paint, make sure you choose a colour close to the original.

6. Clean and wipe out the fridge, oven, and stove top. Some ovens have self cleaning abilities. Just press the correct button and it will burn out all the gunk left inside the oven. All you’ll need to do is wipe out the ashes left afterwards. Take out and wash the removable fridge shelving. Wipe the microwave clean. It helps to heat up some water in there first to get moisture in the microwave to soften any gunk before wiping it.

7. Clean the bathrooms. Use a specific cleaner to remove residue on walls and residue in the tub and sink. Mirrors and windows can be cleaned with paper towels and glass cleaner or an old newspaper folded up and a little bit of water.

8. If there is carpet in your rental like in the bedroom area, it’s best to rent a carpet cleaner to deep clean the carpet. A vacuum is good but if you want to remove stains, a heavy-duty carpet cleaner will do.

9. Wipe down and disinfect the bench tops and all sinks.

10. Wash all the bedding (if it’s part of the rental) and curtains. When dry, put the curtains back up and put the bedding back on the beds.

11. Vacuum or sweep then mop the floor.

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