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Moving Madness – 5 Tips for the DIY Mover

We all know it can be a nightmare to move especially when one has a lot of material possessions. It happens all too often. Especially when one moves out of a one-bedroom flat, we all think it’ll be a breeze. We don’t have a lot to move so no problem. Then moving day comes and wouldn’t you know it, the stuff you thought would fit in a van would fit in about three moving vans. Upon arriving at your new place, everything gets piled into one big mess and you’re wondering why you moved in the first place. Then it takes forever for you to find the things you need urgently, and the furniture seems to have barely survived the move looking like a rugby team had tackled it. Save yourself a massive headache. Apply the following five tips, and you’ll be the moving day pro:

1. Plan. Before the actual move, use a note-taking app on a mobile device of yours and make a list of what needs to be moved. Make subheadings for items like kitchen, master bedroom, laundry room, kids bedroom, etc. So much easier to add and delete items on your list using a mobile device. Harder to lose than paper too. Make a separate list of what things you’re using and will be using during the move to set aside like  toiletries, certain clothing, some kitchen items and certain cleaning supplies.

2. Purge. Post things you don’t want to take with you on a buy/sell/trade website or have a yard sale. This is a great opportunity to get rid of things you never use. You don’t really need all those knick-knacks do you? The extra cash will also come in handy for moving expenses. Leftover items can be donated. Check your community website for places that accept items for donations.

3. Prep. Get materials for packing. Ask your local grocer for free boxes that their goods come in. No need to buy boxes specifically for moving. Packing tape, masking tape, big durable plastic bags, small plastic bags, and labelling markers are a must. To protect your sofas, dressers, and mattresses, find clean old blankets or large felt material to use as cover for transport. If using a vehicle or trailer without a roof for the move, make sure you have a large tarp to cover your stuff in case it rains that day. Look into getting vacuum-seal storage bags for pillows, blankets, or other large pieces of clothing to free up some more space. This method of packing also provides protection from dust and rough handling. If you own suits or other expensive pieces of clothing that you don’t want wrinkled and have that extra money from selling unwanted material possessions, you can buy a tall cardboard  box with a built in peg (or make one yourself) to hang your precious clothing from the closet straight to the box. Easy to unpack those and saves you from extra ironing. Genius!

4. Pack. Tackle one room at a time. Label all boxes according to the room they were packed in. You can kill two birds with one stone by using some of your clothes to wrap certain items for protection like using your shirts or towels to wrap picture frames or dishes in. This saves you from having to buy bubblewrap. Use masking tape as a sticker to label each furniture according to the room it’s going to be placed. The masking tape doesn’t leave marks and it’s easy to remove. Don’t forget to write “fragile” on the boxes of breakable items or put arrows indicating which side should be up. Cover your furniture in blankets or felt material. If there are screws, bolts, or small mechanical parts loose from certain pieces of furniture that had to be taken apart, it’s best to put those in a ziplock bag labeled then taped onto a piece of that furniture.

5. Party. Larger items are best packed into the vehicle first. Then smaller items or boxes can be fitted into place. Upon arrival at your new location, put boxes, furniture, and other items into their designated areas. Congratulations, you’re moved. Time to celebrate!

Does moving locally seem like too much stress to handle on your own? Then get in touch with our Brisbane local removals team. We would love to help you out.

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